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Live video support from's newest technology development

The team is developing real-time live image processing technology and existing image blur processing.
Processing a video instead of an image requires a lot of computation. Therefore, advanced technologies such as deep learning and image compression are needed. In addition, to process it seamlessly in real-time, to achieve high performance, it must be implemented by utilizing hardware such as GPU. The following technical elements must be implemented for it to be effective.

  • Video protocol processing technology
  • High-performance video compression decoding/encoding technology
  • Deep learning-based object recognition and tracking technology
  • High-performance image masking technology

High-performance masking processing on low-end hardware

The team is working hard to develop algorithms that can mask images with a performance of 30 frames per second or more. Our team is implementing this to work on essentially any hardware, even on Nvidia's Jetson Nano boards. It's known to be low-spec hardware priced at 100,000 won, which isn't considered a high-performance deep learning machine.

It is still under development, but it will be widely used in CCTV and real-time broadcasting when it is completed.

Below is a demo video.