Blur faces and Blur videos in your 10-minute video in just 10 seconds.

Blur faces and Blur videos in your 10-minute video in just 10 seconds.

Are you still repeatedly blurring faces in your videos yourself?

When we introduce the BlurMe service, many wonder whether people are still blurring faces themselves in a world where AI creates videos. Surprisingly, this is still the case. The editor needs to examine the video, specify the blur masking area if they find someone’s face or a license plate number, adjust its position according to movements, and adjust the size. This is done one by one manually.
There are many freelancers, gig workers, and agencies who offer this service on talent marketplaces like The editor below is charging $25 and a turnaround time of two days to blur one face in a 10-minute video where the the person doesn’t move much. Aside from the cost, waiting two days seems inconvenient. But this is basically doing the work for you using tools like Premiere Pro.

We tried the tools that “automatically” blur or pixelate.

1) Premiere Pro

Most people use Premiere Pro they need to blur a video. There are many videos on YouTube about easily blurring videos using Premiere Pro that you can refer to.

In order to follow along, you’d need to purchase the software and learn the basics. But there is a bigger issue after this. Premiere Pro is not based on AI. It tracks the object’s figure and the users must examine every frame to find the face to blur and adjust the position and size.

In reality, this is basically paying companies on to do this work for you.

Image Source: YouTube “AdobeMasters”

2) YouTube Studio

YouTube provides a SaaS editor for content creators. The tool has a feature of blurring people’s faces on videos but in reality, this tool is not at all helpful. There are issues of a random part being blurred instead of someone’s face or not properly following the face. It can detect the face when it’s relatively big and clear on the screen. Otherwise, the tool is unable to detect the face.

The automated blur feature is very stressful as it is “unusable.”

3) Various other software packages

There are many software developed by startups that claim to automatically blur using AI. It is either one of the features in a video editing tool or a standalone solution for blurring, but most are available as software to be installed rather than web-based software.

When you try these types of software, you’ll notice that it isn’t much different than YouTube Studio. Once you upload a file, masking takes a significant amount of time and the result is rather disappointing. These types of software fail to detect small faces on the screen and blur if there are too many, movements that are too fast, and when faces intersect.

It seems less likely for blurring to process as smoothly as shown in their advertisements or landing pages.

BlurMe’s AI can “really” allow you to rest.
Perhaps labor is not the true nature of human beings.

I think it’s time for us to get back to the question we asked earlier. Is there no choice but for people to do this work themselves? We defined the magical experience that customers want as follows when creating the BlurMe service.

“Automatically processed within 10 seconds by a machine when the file is uploaded online”

We aim to achieve this with AI SaaS. Ai-based SaaS may be the only way to provide convenience, immediacy, and high user accessibility and we believe this is the key to delivering the best experience to our customers.

If you need to perfectly blur a 5-minute video, you could make an offer to someone for the job with $25 in places like fiverr. It will take 24 to 36 hours to receive the final work and you also need to communicate with the editor.

But you can finish a 5-minute video within 20 seconds for only $14 by using BlurMe. You don’t need to contact anyone. Simply upload the file on the web.

How is it that BlurMe can deliver distinguished performance?

Some may wonder if detecting faces and masking them with AI is a difficult task. But when looking at the measures introduced earlier, we see that detecting the object and blurring them smoothly is not at all easy.

Likewise, speed is just as important as quality. If you need to blur dozens of people in a video that is more than an hour long, it could take hours with existing solutions. Before considering whether this can be performed perfectly, the solutions have very low usability and accessibility.

Blurring based on SaaS for superb user experience and accessibility takes it to another level. Masking quickly and accurately on the web using the cloud, and not PC resources, requires a substantial level of technology.

We believe that outstanding utility is most crucial in software, so we could not compromise with finishing everything instantly on the web. In order to offer an knockout user experience, the development team at BlurMe successfully developed our own engine that seamlessly works in both the web browser domain and the cloud domain.

We created a rendering engine using WebAssembly, the latest technology in browsers, and WebGL. This creates a pleasant environment for users as if it’s a native feature even though it is web-based, and this enables eight times higher performance than pure JavaScript.

For the cloud domain, we developed the PowerBlur pipeline to efficiently accelerate high-performance hardware. Smooth and natural masking is possible with the video processing algorithm optimized in GPU that can easily handle lengthy or numerous videos.

It even works with hundreds of people moving in the video. Leave it to the AI and get a bit more sleep.

When you try BlurMe, you’ll see that it can blur everyone no matter how many appear in a video or even when they move sporadically. Everyone can be blurred, even hundreds of people moving quickly at the same time. What’s even more impressive is the speed. The cost and time increase exponentially depending on the number and movement of objects when using video editing tools.

BlurMe has a selection feature for adding or removing blur targets and blurring license plates and has a manual feature that allows users to blur additional areas when necessary. These features are easy to use for anyone and are described in the Help Center’s BlurMe User Guide, where you can find everything you need.

BlurMe began by automatically blurring faces in images and continuously developed and advanced into blurring in videos. Our vision for advancement is to find and implement the best methods to automate any form of work related to images and videos for people to work less and more conveniently.

The philosophy we consider to be the most important in our products is “make useful products”. Our goal is to create products with an outstanding user experience that can be used without debate with no need to rationalize or justify the need for high-level technologies like deep learning.